UUMA is a Helsinki-based acoustic indie band with folky vibes, delicate melodies and groovy beats. UUMA’s music thrives in the moments you need comforting sounds or a smile on your face. We draw inspiration from the urban life of Helsinki and beautiful Finnish nature, along with various international influences.

Vocals: Emmi Hela
Guitar: Erkko Aarti
Bass: Jussi Dittmer
Percussions: Joonas Ala-Karvia


Mar 15. 2019

Grow Back Again EP is out

Finally after a long wait, the EP has been released in all the main digital platforms! You can listen to the EP in Spotify, Deezer, bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon Music amongst other platforms.

Sep 24. 2018

New songs on the way

UUMA just spent a productive weekend in Artlab studios, putting our latest songs together with the skillful producer Tuomas Skopa. Once the recordings have been carefully processed to bring our sounds out as naturally and authentically as they are in our acoustical gigs, you can expect to find a new five track EP from the usual streams!

Jun 4. 2018

We got bass

We are happy to announce that we finally found us an outstanding bass player to add more depth and groove into UUMA's music! From now on, multitalented Jussi Dittmer will be playing those four strings as our fourth member. Stay tuned for our gigs to come along and feel the new grooves yourself!

Mar 18. 2018

UUMA is on Instagram

You can now experience snapshots of our gigs, rehearsals and other activities online, since @uumamusic can now be found from Instagram. Go follow us!

Dec 1. 2017

Fresh winds blowing

After a lengthy creative break UUMA is now back again with some changes in staff - mainly the talented new singer Emmi Hela. We'll even have our first gig (private though) with this new team soon! Thus we thought: what would be a better way to celebrate the new situation than releasing one more recording from the old stash — a piece called Alku — since it's quite a suitable song for the occasion.
Here you go!

Jun 13. 2016

Can't You Hear

Time has come for our third published song from the previous recording sessions: Can't You Hear.
Now you can hear it from Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Spotify for example.

Dec 18. 2015

Memories out

Let it be our christmas present for you: it is finally time for us to release a new song, Memories. It is already available at Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and will soon be in Spotify and iTunes too. Enjoy!

Mar 18. 2015

Conquering the radio waves

Our song Let Nobody Know will be played in The New Music Show of Radio Helsinki already tomorrow 19th of March! We're excited to hear what the guest judge of this week, Joel Melasniemi (Ultra Bra, Scandinavian Music Group), has to say about our first song in the radio frequencies.

So remember to tune your devices there tomorrow evening and let their shoutbox hear how you feel about us! Our turn will come after 8 pm.

Feb 4. 2015

Our new music video is out

The debut single ”Let Nobody Know” from our upcoming studio album is now (finally) officially released. UUMA has been collaborating with filmmaker Heikki Slåen and Miika Ullakko in making of the video. The rest of the album (recorded at Inka Studios in Orimattila, Finland and produced by Teemu Kilkki) will be released during this spring and summer.

Feb 2. 2015

Website up and running

We are here! It's all fairly plain and simple now, but you got the essential on your fingertips already. Eventually we'll get here more music and photos too.

Anyways, it has been a long way getting everything done the way we like it, and now finally the time has come to start sharing the fruits with you too - enjoy!

© Uuma 2019